Market Wharf

Market Wharf

Vector Praxis is proud to have been chosen by award-winning architect and artist Paul Raff to detail and execute the public art component of the Market Wharf project in Toronto.

The piece currently being installed on site consists of 90 steel-reinforced fire-retardant fiberglass panels, each 6’ x 12’ which form the ceiling of the porte-cochere. The panels come in 5 variants which tesselate to meet at the edges.

As is almost always the case with our projects, a custom process was required to produce this unique work.

The design and production process that Paul Raff Studio and Vector Praxis developed for this piece is as follows:

  • 3D LASER scan the space and convert the scan data in to a dimensionaly accurate, clean model
  • Model the panels and support framing within the 3D model
  • Develop a form which tessellates with minimal apparent repetition from the viewer perspective
  • Mill full-sized patterns and take molds from the patterns
  • Produce the panels by layup of custom coloured gelcoat and fire-retardant composites
  • Trim and attach support frames in precision fixtures using customized tools
  • Fabricate and install support grillage
  • Install panels

Follow this link to a video showing the fabrication process:

Completion is expected in spring 2014. Watch this site for progress shots!